The Position of Saturn during the Mahabharata War

By Dr Manish Pandit

Of all the planets, finding the position of Saturn is most important to determine when the Mahabharata war took place.

There are four verses which give us 3 possible positions: The 4 verses state that Saturn either causes “Peeda to Rohini” and is at Rohini nakshatra, or is stationary at Vishakha with Jupiter or is attacking Uttaraphalguni.

Lets analyse these verses in this short film:


The Position of Saturn During the Mahabharata War

The first position of Saturn at Rohini is rendered powerful because its the only planetary position based on two verses, one from Udyoga Parva 141:07 which says that Rohinim Pidayaneshaan Sthito Rajan Shanaischarah and and the other from Bhisma Parva 02:32 which states that Prajapatyam hi Nakshatram grahas Tikshno Mahadyutih, Shanaischarah peedayati, Peedayan Praninodhikam

Thus both of the two verses point to Saturn at Rohini and both verses refer to Peeda.

Peeda is a Jyotisha term, it needs an explanation as per the principles of Jyotisha as thats what Vyasa meant.

The verse in addition demands a Nakshatra Peeda explanation and NOT a Rashi Peeda explanation as thats what the verse states explicitly. 

The next position of Saturn is given by a verse from Bhisma Parva verse 03:25 which states that “Samvatsara…”

One translation of the verse could be that two ignited grahas are near Vishakha nakshatra described as Saturn and Jupiter.

But there is a problem: 

Jupiter never stays at a nakshatra for a full year, but only a few months at a time.

The Verse preceding it illustrates the issue: Those two grahas have shikhas and so must be comets and they must obscure or penetrate the Saptarishis which are very far away from Vishakha. Jupiter and Saturn, howsoever bright cannot do this.

The third position is from Verse 3 is from Bhisma Parva 03:14 and says that:

The son of the Sun graha is attacking the nakshatra ruled by Bhaga which is Uttaraphalguni.

I resolve this position according to Brihat Samhita which calls this as a comet but this verse has an alternative translation from Southern recensions which you can find on twitter with my handle @mmpandit

After this rigorous Cross checking, let us check our inferences now;

1. The near Vishakha position of Saturn is resolved as two comets as Jupiter and Saturn don’t have Shikhas and cannot obscure or  penetrate the Saptarishis (Ursa Major).

Only Comets have Shikhas

Vishakha is in any case too far away from Ursa Major. Next, the third verse is resolved in two separate ways.

The first two verses now appear extremely very strong and both point to Saturn at Rohini which causes peeda to it by being stationed there according to Brishat samhita and Sarvatobhadra chakra, which are the only two methods of establishing nakshatra peeda.

Here I also show you Sarvatobhadra chakra which is used for determination of Nakshatra Peeda and was used at the time of the Mahabharata. You can see that Saturn is clearly causing Peeda to Rohini in 3067BCE

Can Saturn cause Peeda to Rohini in any other war proposal?

You will be surprised to know that the strength of Saturn afflicting Rohini nakshatra mentioned in ancient classics and even in Dasrath Krita Stotra is completely ignored by all war proposals except in 3067BCE.

Lets check the proposal of 5561BCE using Sarvatobhadra chakra. You can clearly see that Saturn is neither in Rohini nakshatra nor does it cause peeda to Rohini. 

Thus the most credible consistent and logical position of Saturn as shown as that in Rohini nakshatra and afflicting it as shown.

In summary, all three verses pertaining to Saturn must be resolved accurately. In 3067BCE, we have resolved all 4 verses and took Saturn at Rohini whereas in all other proposals, the four verses are not resolved and the wrong position of Saturn is taken thus invalidating their war proposals. Hence 3067BCE must the year of the war. It is astonishing if unnerving to know that Saturn was stationed in Rohini nakshatra during 9/11, during the Bangladesh genocide and during the battle of Stalingrad of WWII to name just a few catastrophes of the last century.