Bhisma Moksha 3067BCE VS 5561BCE: WHO PASSES

By Dr Manish Pandit

A Short post on the major mistaken assumptions made in 5561BCE for Bhisma Moksha:

The mistakes made by team #5561BCE falsifying Veda Vyasa’s Shabda Pramanas of 58days maximum for Bhisma Moksha, extending it to 98 days thereby falsifying the other Shabda Pramanas stating Magha masa for Moksha takes some beating in terms of blunders.

Bhisma Moksha

The following are:
Failed by 5561BCE/passed in 3067BCE

  1. Magha masa for Bhisma moksha x 2 verses.
  2. 58 day max for moksha.
  3. Explanation for 56 day for Krishna’s observation. (Original timeline of Dr Achar)
  4. Moksha on 4th day post WS
  5. Moksha not on WS.
  6. Alpa Sesha dinanam verse.
  7. Balarama return TL

The ignoring of Magha masa for Bhisma moksha and putting it ahead in Phalgun masa AGAINST SHABDA PRAMANA of Vyasa also causes partly the 2500 year blunder of 5561BCE and this also ignores the 58 day maximum of Bhisma Moksha.
Let’s go further.

The following are made up in 5561BCE:

  1. 98 day timeline to Bhisma moksha as a scribal error.
  2. Balarama’s pilgrimage reversal of nakshatras which causes failure of all 4 timelines of the Mahabharata (since war and Balarama’s timeline are interconnected intricately) and Bhisma Moksha timeline starts in war timeline.
  3. Moonphases are made up on basis of analogies which are not astronomy observations.

Finally: Passed by 5561BCE/ and passed in 3067BCE
27 days for banks of Ganga.

Mistake 1: Trying to corroborate Bhisma Moksha in Phalguna Masa when the verse chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, verse 28 refers to Magha Masa explicitly.

Mistake 2 #BhismaMoksha 5561BCE
Assuming 98 or 92 days to the timeline from the time Bhisma fell (9th war day) or from when the war began, when the verse chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, verse 27 refers to a maximum of 58 nights only. No attempt is made to resolve this in 5561BCE

Mistake 3: #BhismaMoksha theory 5561BCE
Assuming 50 extra nights from a shloka chapter 153 of Anushasan Parva, (verse 5) to be added to the timeline to Bhisma Moksha without deciding whether there is another logical explanation possible.

Mistake 4: #BhismaMoksha theory 5561BCE:
Not fixing the Tithi/ Nakshatra of Bhisma Moksha according to the verses given in Gita Press edition of the Mahabharata. (Chapter 47 verse 3 states Bhisma Moksha on Rohini nakshatra on Magha Shuddha Shukla Astami post on Uttarayan day 4)

Mistake 5: #BhismaMoksha
Not taking the verse Chapter 291 verse 4 into consideration which clearly states that there are only a few days left to Bhisma Moksha hence addition of 42/46/50 or a smaller amount of days is an impossibility.

Mistake 6: #BhismaMoksha 5561BCE:
Not taking verse 6 n 26 Ch 153 of Anushasan Parva into consideration which shows observed Uttarayan which can only occur at a minimum of the 4th day after Winter Solstice. (False assumption of Bhisma Moksha at/or + 1 day post Winter Solstice)

Mistake 7: #BhismaMoksha 5561BCE:
Not taking the only clear Moonrise of the 14th war night (late night Eastern sky crescent Moon) has to be in the waning phase a few days from an Amavasya leading to the 5561BCE war proposal getting the entire Moonphase wrong for the entire year.

Mistake 8: #BhismaMoksha 5561BCE:
Inability to corroborate Rohini nakshatra on the 4th or the 5th day after calculated Winter Solstice (and not earlier and not later) on an Astami Tithi on that day.

A small short film illustrates the mistaken war start on Amavasya in 5561BCE and omission of that critical 14th late night Moonrise which means Moonnphase is wrong for the entire year:

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