Why is Pushya Nakshatra considered so powerful?

By Dr Manish Pandit

One more Pratyaksha Pramana for the Tri Pushya theory of Mahabharata which is the base of the theory in 3067BCE.

We have to consider why Pushya Nakshatra is considered so auspicious? Why was Indian independence fixed for a Pushya Nakshatra? Why do people still buy gold on a Pushya Nakshatra? This is because Pushya is considered as very auspicious as a Muhurta Nakshatra.
As we saw today, the GOLD MEDAL of Neeraj Chopra also has ARRIVED IN PUSHYA NAKSHATRA. That is how auspicious Pushya Nakshatra is supposed to be. If we check out the Panchang for today, we will see that the Nakshatra Punarvasu ends at 8:16 AM IST. Thus the Nakshatra Pushya which is next started after that. I think that Pushya will be useful for starting a process of never ending gold medals dor the future.
That’s why Pushya is considered so powerful! Balarama too obtains gold (of consciousness) by starting on Pushya Nakshatra! This also shows why Shravana Nakshatra can never be the start of Balarama’s pilgrimage.

I explain the basics here and in my second book on the subject: https://astronomyofindia.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/balaramas-pilgrimage-corroborated-in-3067bce-2-different-methods/

Today’s Hindu Panchang
Ujjain, Sunrise: 06:00 AM
Sunset: 07:05 PM

Tithi: Chaturdashi upto 07:11 PM

Nakshatra: Punarvasu upto 08:16 AM then Pushya Nakshatra starts on 07/08/2021 on a Krishna Paksha- Shaniwar

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