Saturn at Rohini associations Part 1

By Dr Manish Pandit

Saturn at Rohini is believed to be causative of destruction and wars for a long time now.

But where does the Pramana really come from?

In this short series of articles, I will show that astronomers from Vyasa to Varahmihira have associated Saturn’s and Mars’s position at a Nakshatra with causation of destruction.

First up is the Shabda Pramana of Varahamihira himself from Brihat Samhita:

Verse 31-32 Brihat Samhita

You can clearly see that Saturn’s mere presence in a Nakshatra is said to cause destruction. In addition Mars retrograde movement and the movement of comets are also mentioned clearly.

Now let’s go to Veda Vyasa and the Mahabharata war:

The first relevant verse is as follows:

Rohiṇīṃ pīḍayanneṣa sthito rājañśanaiścaraḥ. vyāvṛttaṃ lakṣma somasya bhaviṣyati mahadbhayam

Thus we see that Saturn’s presence in Rohini (Stitho Rajan Shanaischarah says the verse itself) means that Saturn at Rohini Nakshatra is tormenting Rohini. At this point we know that Veda Vyāsa is informing the King Dhritarashtra on bad omens.

Now, let’s see whether Saturn’s presence at Rohini has really shown any association with violent events like wars or war like phenomena with loss of life or not.

Point 1:

Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the Axis invasion of USSR, which started on 22 June 1941, during World War II.“
The worst battle was the battle of Stalingrad 23rd Aug 1942 to 2nd Feb 1943.
Where was Saturn?
I present the skymap for Aug 1942:
Saturn at Aldebaran:

Point 2:

What about just 29.5 years after this date in World War II?
Again note Saturn at Rohini/Aldebaran and Bangladesh liberation. But not before there was a
Genocide of millions! Kapalika penance of the earth. Rohini Nakshatra is a very sensitive point of the Earth. The association is there!

Point 3:

On the 11th September 2001, there was a terrible terrible event which set the stage for future wars on earth. (9/11 event)
Again, Saturn was at Rohini (Aldebaran) like in the times of the Mahabharata, the retrogression/stationary transit was almost exactly on this day 9/11.

Conclusion: The verses presented and the long Jyotisha tradition of India along with the wars and war like events presented with Saturn at Rohini show clearly that there is a clear association of Saturn at Rohini with world wide destruction from wars and like events.

In my next article I will present some points where Rohini was again afflicted (caused peeda to by Nakshatra transit in it) and was associated with severely problematic events. (I prefer association to causation)

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