Sunnashepa method: No Adhika masa in 5561BCE

By Dr Manish Pandit

Summary: Shunnashepa method of calculation of Adhika Masa: Adhika masa is very important to the theory of 5661BCE as compared to 3067BCE as the entire pre war theory of Shri Oak rests on that Adhika masa. If present, there is at least some chance that of corroboration of some 11 pre war observations, but if absent, there is no chance of those 11 pre war observations ever being present. In contrast for 3067BCE, the Adhika masa although present is of only minor importance. The main problem is that Shri Nilesh Oak takes the same month (30th Oct 5561BCE) in two different years, and it’s labelled as a question mark in the year desired (5561BCE) because it’s actually not satisfying the criteria).

Let us seek the truth here of first of the two methods (Sunnashepa ) seen clearly in Shri Oak’s slides:

Methodology: The Full Moon counting is to be commenced from the point of Varuna/Alhena (not equinox to equinox as in Vedanga Jyotisha method)

There is clearly only 12 full Moons from Varuna Alhena point as can be seen here in the screen cap for the first year in question:

In screenshot 1, the 13th month (marked as 30th Oct 5561BCE) is marked by a question mark by Shri Oak. Naturally the question arises, is THERE a 13th Full Moon fulfilling the criteria of Adhika masa or NOT?

Year of Oct 5562-5561BCE – 13th Full Moon marked with a Question mark

While we can show you that there is in fact no doubt that the criteria of the 13th full Moon is not fulfilled in the year 5562-5561BCE, the next screenshot by Shri Oak himself clears the doubt.

See it below, the full Moon marked Moon 13 ie. 30th Oct 5561BCE which was marked with a question mark in the previous year, now appears as month 1 in the next year 5561-5560BCE.

Yes, that’s correct, this month is again taken in the counting of a month in the previous year AND in the next year also! Yes, it’s taken twice!

Q: Did Hindus ever count the same full Moon month twice in a year? This would lead to some wonderful mathematical errors if it kept happening. Perhaps counting the same month twice happens in team 5561BCE’s theory (“only to add the spice of an Adhika masa”) but nowhere else. See the screenshot below: same month of 30th October 5561BCE (previous year’s month 13) now proudly appears in the next year count as well. (As month 1)

Year of Oct 5561-5560BCE – 13th Full Moon of previous SS year taken in this year as 1st Full Moon

Luckily however we now know that there is no Adhika masa by Sunnashepa method. This destroys the entire pre war theory of Shri Oak and the 11 pre war observations therein!

We also know that there is no Adhika masa by the Vedanga Jyotisha method of counting new Moons which needs 13 of these new Moons from equinox to equinox! It’s important to realise the difference between the two methods and understand that the counting is from different points, for Sunnashepa method, it’s from Varuna Alhena/Ardra for FULL Moons whereas for the Vedanga Jyotisha method, it’s from equinox to equinox for NEW Moons. See below:

New Moon method of Equinox to Equinox for Adhika masa- only 12 new Moons so no Adhika masa 5551BCE!

To see a video on the same topic, turn on audio and watch this Twitter video below

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