New book: 3067BCE: Criteria Governing the Astronomy of the Mahabharata war

By Dr Manish Pandit

Update: Mahabharata book 3

This is the third book in the series by me. The first two books were nominated for the Lakatos Award in consecutive years. I have taken a different approach to evaluation and dissection of theories in this book, where I have grouped the various parts of any war theory together in one chapter. I have tried to produce somewhat simplified versions of the theories which can be understood by laymen and then shown the dissection of the 3163BCE/ 1478BCE/1504 and 1793BCE theories as an example. My students may wish to take these examples to dissect any Mahabharata war theory. The book is dedicated to my late mentor Dr Narahari Achar who taught me astronomy from scratch.

A seaparate chapter exists on the Tri Pushya theory where I show how most astronomers have forgotten to include one of the Pushya Nakshatras which occurs before the war with diagrams.

The Jyestha Gandanta theory for Guru Drona’s Yogic exit is also shown.

ISBN code for book 3 is 9781905186037

Book 2, which is the second book on the Astronomy of the Mahabharata War features Dissection of the main 3k BCE and 5K BCE theories on the Mahabharata war by Dr Manish Pandit. Rebuttals to major dating efforts including 3137BCE, 3138BCE, 3139BCE, 3140BCE, 3143BCE, 3162/3163BCE and 5561BCE feature primarily in this book.

The various parts of Mahabharata war proposals are examined and dissected including: components of Balarama’s pilgrimage, war timeline, Bhisma Moksha Tithi and Nakshatra, Saturn’s position, eclipses and Jupiter’s position among others in each of the 7 theories.I hope that this will serve as learning material for those people who come to learn the astronomy of the Mahabharata in the future. There are lots of short film links and Pgurus and Sattology videos included in this book in various chapters which will clearly illustrate my point as well. I would like to reiterate that 3067BCE is the only viable date of the Mahabharata war.

Kindly click on the image below for the link to the full downloadable book which has 15 chapters:

The ISBN is 978-1-905186-02-0

3067BCE: A Dissection of Theories on the Mahabharata

For a link to the first book, Kindly click on the image below: It contains 255 pages with images in full colour

The ISBN is 978-1-905186-01-3

3067BCE: A Fresh Perspective on the Astronomy of the Mahabharata

I hope more people will read all three books.

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