3129BCE Debunked Part 1

By Dr Manish Pandit

The points at which 3129BCE ( -3128) fails are:

3129BCE Failures

1. Saturn is at Revati/Ashwini that year. (Not satisfying any of the 3 positions)

2. Although Jupiter is at Purva/Uttarashadha and near Shravana and in fact goes retrograde there earlier in the year, it is not doing so at the same time that Mars is retrograde at Magha. (In fact, Mars is the only slow moving planet which does fulfil the criteria but the problem is that it’s not that criteria given in that verse).

3. The Lunar eclipse is actually at Revati and not at Kartika Purnima as shown creating multiple problems. There is a solar eclipse too in that part of the year but it precedes the lunar eclipse and is nowhere near Jyestha but at Hasta.

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