Arundhati Vasistha Observation

By Dr Manish Pandit

By demand from my students, a short astronomy film on the Arundhati Vasistha observation (AV obs) with verses from the Mahabharat where we conclusively show in 6 minutes that

  1. The AV observation is mentioned explicitly as a Nimmita (omen) only.
  2. The context of the verses before and after the AV observation verses is temporary/ transient.
  3. The AV observation is not a Falsifier. Karl Popper himself says that falsification cannot be applied to anything which qualifies as an omen or Nimitta. (including the AV observation)


Why this finding is for 3067BCE research:

Once we say that the AV observation must be defined in the context of being a Nimitta (as explicitly stated in verse 16 of chapter 2 just 14 verses away from the verse 31 which is the AV observation verse) then we MUST look for the Mahabharat war in the period of 4500BCE to 1000BCE only where using Right Ascension values in relation to the NCP, Arundhati is following Vasistha. It is only here that verse 31 will get noted as a Nimitta as it is against the norm. Short film “Truth Serum of the Mahabharata” shows 3067BCE vs 5561BCE research.

Why the finding is Against 5561BCE research:

The verse 31 of the AV observation does not qualify as a Nimitta in the period of 11000BCE to 4500BCE where where using Right Ascension values in relation to the NCP, Vasistha is said to be following Arundhati.

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