Real Vakra Motion versus False Vakra Motion

By Dr Manish Pandit


The short film takes a look at Vakra motion loops from real life. This one is of Venus which describes an extravagant Vakra motion S shaped loop which just ended a couple of days ago. This is the real vakra motion described by astronomy texts and ancient treatises on astronomy.

Vakra in Your Dreams:

The ecliptic is the line followed by the planets in the path of the Sun in the sky. This is illustrated as a green or yellow line in the software but obviously not in the sky.

Occasionally researchers come up with theories which are have no basis in fact. Describing crossing the ecliptic obliquely as Vakra is one of them.

The latter part of the short film shows the planet Venus crossing the ecliptic obliquely which can never be described as Vakra motion because the green or yellow line of the ecliptic itself is difficult to observe in the sky and is only seen in software.

This sort of motion can be described as Vakra motion only in one’s dreams.

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