A Brief Critique of 5561BCE Bhisma Moksha proposal

By Dr Manish Pandit


The following are:
Failed by 5561BCE/passed in 3067BCE

  1. Magha masa for Bhisma moksha x 2 verses.
  2. 58 day max for moksha.
  3. Explanation for 56 day for Krishna’s observation.
  4. Moksha should be on the 4th day post Winter solstice.
  5. Moksha should not be on Winter solstice.
  6. Alpa Sesha dinanam verse.
  7. Balarama pilgrimage start and end Nakshatras are reversed in 5561BCE giving rise to intractable errors in his Moonphases AND the start time of Bhisma’s Moksha.
Mistake 1
Mistake 2

Mistake 3
Ignoring the verses which give the Lunar Month (Magha), Tithi (Shukla Astami) and nakshatra (Rohini) for Bhisma Moksha and the condition for observed Winter Solstice/Uttarayan (verse 6/26 ch 153 Anushasana Parva) which must occur on the 4th day post calculated winter solstice and not before and not after.Bhsima_Moksha_GP
Mistake 5

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