3067BCE, Sanskrit verses, their accurate meanings and distortions in 5561BCE

By Dr Manish Pandit

At the outset, let me say that I have relied on a few different Sanskrit scholars for the translation of these verses but for this blogpost I am grateful to @pranasutra for taking the time and effort for giving accurate meanings to certain key verses. 

I thought that his effort should get due credit on my blog. I have paraphrased some tweets for posterity here. Clicking on the tweet threads will take you to the tweets on mobile Twitter where the entire thread can be explored.

The Position of Mercury during the Mahabharata war:

The Twitter thread on the Sanskrit shlokas for Mercury is below:

Most researchers have disregarded this verse. Only the word “sarveshu” has been utilised and it’s common meaning  “all” has been put up as follows:

“Mercury is moving through all nakshatras”. The significance of this shloka has been rejected on this basis. Such a translation is a great injustice to the shloka. Firstly, all planets, given enough time, will travel through all nakshatras. So there is nothing “nimitta” about such a movement. Thirdly, if the only word that matters in the shloka is “sarveshu” then what is the need for “trishu” and “purveshu“? Their usage in the shloka will become meaningless. Therefore, it is absolutely not the intention of Sri Vyasa, through this shloka, to record the “normal” travel of Mercury through all nakshatras over many months. The word “purveshu” means “preceding”.

Next the word “Sarva” was looked up in several dictionaries and “sarva” also has the meaning of “different” or “various”. Similarly “patate/patata” means “entering” also. The usual meaning of “descending” can also be considered here. With this, the shloka can be interpreted as.:

The planet Mercury is traveling/descending through three different (previous) nakshatras and this is a cause of great fear. The word previous here indicates retrograde motion. I have already confirmed this movement in 3067BCE. This movement is failed in 5561BCE.

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 00.41.40



A Short Thread on the 2nd part of the Video of the Debate between me and Shri Oak:

A short Thread on Arundhati Vasistha observation and Sage Mandapala:


An Excellent thread on the Arundhati Vasistha Observation proving it as a Nimmita par excellence only:


An Excellent thread on Bharat Savitri by Shri PV Kane proving that Tithi and nakshatra for 3067BCE for the war is on very solid footing and for 5561BCE is on shaky foundations:

The proof on an additional verse which proves that the war can never begin on an Amavasya but only must end on one: (bolsters the case for 3067BCE and debunks 5561BCE)

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 00.50.04


A Short Thread on the Sanskrit Shloka Gymnastics indulged in in 5561BCE:


A Short Thread on how Astronomy around Karna’s death is wrong in 5561BCE

A Short Thread on how Analogies used to prove Varsha Ritu can also be used to prove Vasanta Ritu: Analogies are not True observations of the sky

A Short Thread on the 14th War night Moonrise which relies on nearly 100 observations of Drona Parva ignored in 5561BCE:


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