Adhika Masa satisfied in 3067BCE and not in 5561BCE by Shunnashepa Varuna Alhena method

By Dr Manish Pandit

Fact check 1:
Adhika Masa in 3067BCE by Shunnashepa method. Here is the proof. 13 Full Moons using Varuna Alhena method. (Holay).

Fact check 1:

You will see Shri Oak in the 1st and the 3rd part of debate try to impress upon you that there is no Adhika Masa in 3067BCE-3066BCE by the Shunnashepa method. (The purported proof which is being shown is that there is no 13th full Moon and that the 13th Full Moon in 3067BCE is East of Alhena-Varuna at Punarvasu.)

Yet again, those statements made during the debate were in contradiction to facts and evidence which we are presenting below:

We are here presenting the proof for 3067BCE-3066BCE in the image below that an Adhika Masa is present in 3067BCE using that method. 13 Full Moons using Varuna Alhena method. (Holay). On the day on which the video of the 3rd part of the debate will be presented (which shows the erroneous slides in question from Shri Oak’s methodology, I will present further proof. Some students have already seen it)



The method for the insertion of the Adhika masa is given below:

Shunnashepa method of Adhika masa

Now lets check the same Adhika Masa for 3067BCE by the Vedanga Jyotisha method below:

Fact check 2

13 New Moons from Equinox to Equinox in 3067BCE in image below, satisfying criteria for Adhika Masa by Vedanga Jyotish method (older than 3100BCE). BOTH METHODS SATISFIED IN 3067BCE as opposed to none in 5561BCE -5560BCE.
Adhika masa using Vedanga Jyotish method
13 New Moons from Equinox to equinox

Fact Check 3: Now lets check 5561-5560BCE by the same method:
On the contrary we can see that using the far more scientific method of calculating Adhika Masa from Equinox to equinox, there are only 12 New Moons In 5561-5560BCE : Thus no Adhika Masa exists in May 5561-May 5560BCE period and thereby 10 out of 11 pre war observations for 5561BCE war proposal are destroyed (including Balarama’s Pilgrimage)

In any case although it’s taken 9 years for the researchers to finally admit this: The sequence of Balarama’s pilgrimage in 5561BCE war proposal is not corroborated.

Fact check 4: Now the question arises whether 13 Full Moons exist in the 5562- 5561BCE by the Shunnashepa method:


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