The Position of Jupiter in the Mahabharata war

By Dr Pandit


The position of Jupiter is very important to determine when the Mahabharata war took place.

There are three verses each of which give us a possible position: The 3 verses state that Jupiter either causes “Peeda to Rohini”, or is stationary at Vishakha with Saturn or is retrograde at Shravana at the same time as Mars is retrograde at Magha.

Lets analyse these 3 verses in a short film:

The 5 minute short film on the three positions of Jupiter

The first verse: This is from Karna Parva 68:49 which says that Brishaspati Rohinim Samprapeedya or Jupiter causes Peeda or affliction to Rohini. Peeda is a Jyotisha term, it needs an explanation as per the principles of Jyotisha as thats what Vyasa meant.The verse in addition demands a Nakshatra Peeda explanation and NOT a Rashi Peeda explanation as thats what the verse states explicitly.

The next verse: This is Bhisma Parva verse 03:25
One translation of the verse could be that two ignited grahas are near Vishakha nakshatra and named as Saturn and Jupiter.

But there is a problem:

The Verse preceding it shows the issue: Jupiter never stays at a nakshatra for a full year, but only a few months at a time.

Verse 03:24 describes those two grahas as having hair or shikhas and so must be comets and they must obscure or penetrate the Saptarishis (Ursa Major) which are in any case very far away from Vishakha.

Jupiter and Saturn, howsoever bright can definitely not: neither from near Vishakha nor elsewhere.

The third verse: This is from Bhisma Parva 03:13 and says that:

Jupiter is retrograde at Shravana at the same time as Mars is retrograde at Magha which is impossible from the astronomy point of view.

The problem in this third verse is that: Mars cannot be retrograde at Magha at the same time that Jupiter is retrograde at Shravana as the Sun is required to be in 2 separate positions 150+ degrees apart in the same verse hence an alternative explanation must be found.

These can only be two comets retrogressing near Magha and Shravana.

Now the question arises:

Has anybody been able to prove the surviving single verse of Jupiter (Karna Parva 68:49) using Nakshatra Peeda principles?

Here I show you the amazing Sarvatobhadra chakra which is used for determination of Nakshatra Peeda and was used at the time of the Mahabharata war itself. Check the short film at 3 mins and 30 sec onwards:

You can seee that Jupiter is clearly causing Peeda to Rohini from Ashwini nakshatra on the 17th day of the war in 3067BCE.

My next question is that can Jupiter cause Peeda to Rohini in any other war proposal using stringent principles of Nakshtra Peeda as envisaged by Vyasa?

Hence lets also check the proposal of 5561BCE using the Sarvatobhadra chakra. You can clearly see that Jupiter cannot cause peeda to Rohini on the 17th day of the war. See the short film above for more from around 3min 30 seconds to grasp things better.

Thus the most credible consistent and logical position of Jupiter as shown on the 17th day of the war is at Ashwini nakshatra and afflicting Rohini nakshatra as shown.

In summary, all three verses pertaining to Jupiter must be resolved accurately. This short film is also useful in establishing correct veers for Mars. In 3067BCE, we have resolved all 3 verses whereas in 5561BCE, the three verses are not resolved and the wrong position of Jupiter is taken thus invalidating the war proposal of 5561BCE. We reiterate that 3067BCE is the year of the war. Read my free 258 page book for more:

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