Proof that no Adhika Masa exists in 5561BCE part 1

In my debate of 19th January, I presented the fact that an Adhika Masa was absent in 5561BCE, right upto March 5560BCE. There are only 12 New Moons.
You may wonder why this is of importance. The 5561BCE hypothesis requires this to explain Balarama’s pilgrimage and 10 pre war observations (pp 114 of “Mystery of Arundhati “)
Shri Oak came up with his theory of Adhika Masa using “Holay’s conjecture” in response to my assertion and said that there was an Adhika Masa in 5561BCE. I present JHora screenshots from Jan 5561BCE to March 5560BCE showing that the Adhika Masa is absent for the entire year and next year’s TL upto March. After that it’s not of any use because Bhisma Moksha has already passed by Feb 5560BCE.

Here is the evidence that the entire pre war hypothesis and Balarama’s pilgrimage in 5561BCE was a figment of the imagination.

Slide 1: No Adhika Masa in 5561BCE
Slide 2: Most important July to September 5561BCE
NOTE no Adhika Masa is present
Bhisma Moksha In timeline is over by Feb 5560BCE
No Adhika Masa
In underlined part it would have said “Adhika” if there was an Adhika Masa.

When was the Adhika Masa occurring and it’s not in 5561BCE as we showed you above? Which year did it occur? Which month was Adhika?

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