Why the Mahabharata war cannot start on an Amavasya

By Dr Manish Pandit

Shri Nilesh Oak asserts that the Mahabharata war has started on a Jyestha Amavasya.

We will point out the obvious fallacy in this observation without using the reference from the Mahabharata Udyoga Parva to begin with.

You may remember Bhima and Hidimba’s son Ghatotkach from the war? Well here he comes to our rescue and finishes this particular bit of the argument.

You may remember from the epic that Karna killed Ghatotkach late on the war’s 14th night. That night all rules of war were broken and fighting went on into late in the night. This is described in Drona Parva (VII: 158:19)

Then they stopped fighting for one muhurta and the Moon rise is described and then fighting recommenced. (Drona Parva: VII: 159:25)

We use this Moon rise late at night and basic maths to show you in film GF1 (Great facts 1) that this 14th night of the war occurred in the waning phase of the Moon. This night has to be at least Krishna paksha Dasami/Ekadashi (we possess the exact Tithi of course which will be revealed in due course).


The Moon rises progressively later by 48 minutes every day from Amavasya to Purnima.

At Amavasya assuming a sunrise at 6am, the Moon rise will be at that time, so that at the 14th day of war, if the war had indeed started on the Amavasya, the Moon rise would be at:

14 x 48 = 11 hours 12 mins later ie. Moon rise on the 14th day of the war would occur at 17:12 pm but still in the day time.

If we accept Shri Nilesh Oak’s theory that the war has started on an Amavasya then on the 14th night of the war, the Moon would be in the waxing phase or near Purnima and not in the waning phase as the epic is showing us quite clearly.

Here is that film for you GF 1:


Next, let me point out again the most obvious fallacy of the argument.

The Jyestha Amavasya which Oak refers to as the start of the war had an Solar eclipse occur on that day. His date of the war assumes that the Lunar eclipse follows 15 days later on the 16th day of the war, except the elephant in the room is that in the critical edition of the epic, the Lunar eclipse precedes the Solar eclipse… and not the other way around as Shri Oak has suggested.

Hence the entire timeline for the war for Shri Nilesh Oak and 5561BCE has been completely demolished because the start point of his war has a solar eclipse which ACTUALLY according to the critical edition quite clearly occurred after the lunar eclipse and not the other way round

This means that the entire calendar for Shri Oak’s year of 5561BCE is wrong.

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