Thoughts on the end dates of the war and Balarama’s pilgrimage around the Birmingham workshop of Dec 29 2019:

By Dr Manish Pandit

Thoughts on the war around the Birmingham workshop of Dec 29 2019:

Sometime around the first workshop in Birmingham, I started looking at corroboration of all 4 timelines of the Mahabharata war. I wanted to see where the hypothesis can be further strengthened. This meant elimination of all the different assumptions which I had previously blindly accepted as true. For example, I had specifically looked at the 14th night of the war, which was Dec 8th late night/9th morning and the end line of the 12th Dec 3067BCE sunrise and evening as the last ie. 18th day of the Mahabharata war. However if this was the case, then I needed to rethink how to arrive at the first day of the war. Those who have seen my second workshop have seen corroboration of both these timelines of Balarama’s pilgrimage end and the last day of the war which approaches Amavasya to Dec 12th 3067BCE. Then could I ignore a simple reverse count from day 18 to day 1 and look at the exact date of the start of the war afresh?

I have already shown how I have changed the entire hypothesis of chapter 3 by separating comets from planets in refining Dr Achar’s thesis, why not do the same over here?

The significance of the last day: Amavasya

The significance of the last day: Krishna Chaturdashi/Amavasya was not lost on me. This is the day when Duryodhan is mortally injured and hence in the night there is Sauptika Parva. The Krishna Chaturdashi/Amavasya is well known all over India as a special night, like Kali Chaudas/Amavasya also fits completely.

Similarly the first day of the Balarama’s pilgrimage is known as Pushya nakshatra and this is well known to be auspicious. I could correctly corroborate this to 31st Oct/1st Nov 3067BCE.

All these things resonated strongly and hence the Tithi/nakshatra count and day count was cross checked. If the war has to end on Amavasya which has arrived later on the same day (Gadayuddha Parva reference) along with the end date of Balarama’s pilgrimage of Shravan nakshatra then that must undoubtedly the 18th day of the war. This is an impossible Astronomy fact and so I was sure this is the last day of the war.

When this is the incontrovertible case, a reverse count to find the first day is necessary as there is no such strong astronomy reference like that shown above in exactly fixing this first day. Correspondingly the Gita is on 24th Nov and first day of the war is 25th November 3067BCE at 630 am.

Check this page post 29th Jan 2020 for more:

Kindly check the thread here for astrological evidence for 3067BCE and that against 5561BCE as a date for the war:

Key findings in favour of 3067BCE include:

Saturn Ketu conjunction in Taurus In Rohini in Vrishabha rashi in 3067BCE (compare to other world events )

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