3067 BCE: why is this date for the Mahabharata war so strong?

Krishna’s message for peace starts with a set of observations from the Udyoga Parva of the Mahabharata. These point to four major observations:

  1. Saturn is at Rohini Nakshatra (Aldebaran)
  2. Mars is in Vakra gati at Jyestha (Antares) (Jyotishis can see exactly why and what the term vakra means)
  3. A Lunar eclipse is present at Plaiedes (Kartika Purnima)
  4. A solar eclipse is present at Jyestha (Antares)
  5. Beyond this, a set of observations is present in the critical text of the Mahabharata which exposes all the mistakes made by somebody who tries to date the Mahabharata war erroneously: This will be presented in sequence soon in Delhi in Jan 2020 by Dr Pandit and you will be astounded by the most simple issues which this reveals about dating the war. Notice that I use the word astounded. We promise you that.
  6. Do check the first paper by Dr. Achar in the dating here: http://omilosmeleton.gr/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/narahari01.pdf
  7. Check if other researchers show even one of the astronomy references in their dating of the Mahabharata below:

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