Dr Achar’s Rebuttal to 5561BCE

By Dr Manish Pandit

For those new to the debate and confused by this debate, do follow the link below and check the last paragraph first:

For others, some simple questions are presented.

Q1: Did the War start on a New Moon Day (Amavasya)?

A: The simple answer is NO.

Oak’s entire sequence is contradicted by the explicit statements in Udyogaparvan:

सप्तमाच्चापि दिवसादमावास्या भविष्यति.. तां ह्याहुः शक्रदेवताम् | and सोमस्य लक्ष्म व्यावृत्तं राहुरर्कमुपेष्यति | already quoted. These refer to the lunar eclipse already over and the solar eclipse yet to take place. Furthermore, by the statement of Vyasa in Bhishma parvan:

अलक्ष्यः प्रभयाहीनः पौर्णमासीं च कार्तिकीम् । MB(VI.2.23) व्यावृत्तं लक्ष्म सोमस्य.MB(VI.2.32), referring to the lunar eclipse on Kartika paurnima and ..अर्कं राहुस्तथाग्रसत्MB(VI.3.11) referring to the solar eclipse on Jyeshtha Amavasya, both have already taken place by the time Vyasa meets Dhritarashtra on the eve of War. The war could therefore NOT have started on the Jyeshtha amvasya solar eclipse day.

So what is the problem?

A: In 5561BCE the war starts on an Amavasya (New Moon day) AND as we show you from the epic, the war could NOT have started on an Amavasya…. this is clear evidence that 5561BCE is an erroneous conclusion for dating the Mahabharata war.

This BTW, is not the first time that this simple mistake has been made, other researchers have made the same mistake when trying to date the war to 2183BCE. (Where incidentally the same error occurs)

To read a full rebuttal to 5561BCE, you can read further.


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