Ancient Hindu Trigonometry part 2

This film is based on the Remarks on the Trigonometry of the Hindus as shown by John Playfair of Edinburgh (the paper being read in 1795) where Playfair proves comprehensively that Hindu Trigonometry is dated to 3500BCE easily.

The narrative in the West is that the Hindus learnt mathematics from the Middle East!! So don’t hold your breath and do allow your children to be taught fake news about Hindus living in forests until they were “civilised”!!!

Hindus often complain about the Hinduphobic narrative in the West and how many in the West instantly think of the caste system and how “eww” Hinduism is whenever Hinduism is mentioned, but how does one change that narrative?
This particular set of films which I was making was to change this narrative. You can’t change things with negativity or attacking other religions but you can change things through showing exactly how advanced Hindu knowledge actually was even in 3500 BCE. Hindus have only themselves to blame if they won’t even share these initiatives.

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