Part 3: Why exactly is 5561BCE an erroneous date for the Mahabharata ?

By Dr. Manish Pandit

Ok. I have long said that we have a Gregorian calendar date for every event in the Mahabharata war occurring in 3067BCE.
Every other person who tries to date MBH can not provide this. Because Tithi/Nakshatra and planetary positions r different from those mentioned in text itself.

So let’s start with Udyoga Parvan of Mahabharat: Krishna leaves for the mission of peace in Maitri Muhurta for Hastinapura:
Shukla paksh: Dwadasi : Krittika Lunar month
Date: 26 September 3067BCE

Krishna reaches Hastinapur on Bharani Nakshatra day: This is 28 September 3067BCE

Meets various people to discuss how to avert the war: Meetings upto Pushya Nakshatra day:

This date is 4th October 3067BCE

On that day, Duryodhana refuses all conditions for peace and orders all his men to prepare for battle of Kurukshetra:
This date is 4th October 3067BCE

Krishna leaves for Hastinapur on Uttara phalguni day with Karna in his chariot: this is 9th October 3067BCE

Then Krishna says: “Seven days from now is the Jyestha Amavasya (New Moon) and asks Duryodhan to begin war preparations on that day:
15th October 3067BCE

Why is that last statement important: it becomes important because certain researchers erroneously point out that war began on Jyestha Amavasya: AND text categorically states that this is not the case.
Please note this is important, all conditions MUST be satisfactory.

Krishna returns to Upaplaviya on Chitra Nakshatra day: 11th October 3067BCE
Three days later on Anuradha Nakshatra day:
Balrama comes to know of the failure of Krishna’s peace mission n goes on pilgrimage:
14th October 3067BCE

See, how important it becomes?
This sequence of events of Tithi and Nakshatra CANNOT occur any other way other than in 3067BCE.

It’s impossible, any researcher can try and try but in no other year will you find this sequence except 3067BCE?
Let’s go further:
What happens on 1st November 3067BCE?

On following Pushya day, Krishna n Pandavas move towards Kurukshetra… (Twice stated in Salya Parvan)
That’s on 1st November 3067BCE

17 days after return from Upaplaviya, on Punarvasu day, Balrama starts his pilgrimage from Prabhasa: chapter 34 Salya Parvan
This date of Balrama’s pilgrimage is 31st October 3067BCE.

42 days is the duration Balrama took to complete his pilgrimage and on Sravana Nakshatra day does he come back to Kurukshetra on the fateful evening of the 18th day of the great Mahabharata war.
This date is 12th Dec 3067BCE

So when does Duryodhan die?
Krishna Chaturdashi, Sravan Nakshatra is still running but it’s the following morning , so that’s the 59th day from Jyestha Amavasya!
This date is 13th Dec 3067BCE

This sequence of events with this Nakshatra and Tithi CANNOT be replicated for any other hypothetical date in the past…

many scholars tried to argue (and still state) that war began on Jyestha Amavasya… I just showed you how that’s completely false.

This is something important. Lots of readers here hv seen other dates being bandied about for Mahabharata… some people even go right upto Ice Age, let me ask the Mahanubhavs, “Were Arjun and Duryodhan fighting with fur caps on and on woolly mammoths?”

What I mean to say is that, please please use your common sense. Always scrutinise the research, here the set of events is so so unique that it’s impossible to take any other year and fit the facts no matter how much one tries.

So, Mahabharata war started on Friday, Margashirsha month, Shukla paksha, Ekadashi Tithi, Krittika Nakshatra
Gregorian calendar date: 22nd November 3067 BCE

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