Rigorous sequence of Krishna’s mission for peace which occurred only in 3067 BCE

By Dr. Manish Pandit

The Sequence of Krishna’s Mission for Peace as described clearly in the Mahabharata document as follows is not replicable in any other year other than 3067BCE:

What is this sequence and what is it’s importance to dating the Mahabharata?

Krishna’s departure (Revati)->
Full Moon(Kartika, Lunar eclipse)->
Krishna-Karna ride
(at Jyeshtha with a solar eclipse)->
war (does not begin on an Amavasya)

This sequence, as you can see is extremely rigorous.

As the epic says clearly, the war does not begin on an Amavasya, but you will find many researchers on the subject become pretzel like to hide the fact that their dating for the war causes the war to falsely begin on an Amavasya……. thereby proving their entire research false. Unfortunately rather than own up to this basic error in their research, some of them begin to talk about Bhisma and some about Balaram, yet others change the subject to talk about Bollock …. but then, there you go.

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